Hard Money Fix-n-Flip Loans

Focused on Funding Your Success

Competition for houses to fix-n-flip is tight. The ability to get fast funds to buy and remodel a property is important. As a direct lender, it is my job to help you get a purchase and rehab loan as quickly and easily as possible. REI Capital is able to help you fund your project based on your experience, the value of the property, and its after renovation value. We have money to lend, and you need money quickly. A perfect fit is out there.

Program Options

Term up to 24 months

  • Min FICO 600 (Hard Pull)
  • Appraisal required
  • Up to 90% of purchase price
  • Up to 100% of rehab costs
  • Max of 70% of ARV
  • Interest rates starting at 9.375%
  • Points as low as 1.5%

BLN Application


I am here to help. Let’s build something together.

e-mail: patrick@REICapital.cash

Patrick StCin, 512-213-2271