About Us

Investor’s Lending Source was founded by Patrick St. Cin, a real estate investor.  As an real estate investor, he needed a convenient method to locate and vet more than one source from which to choose your funding.  A major part of this vetting process was finding a broker that would be upfront and transparent about their fees and the process.

Patrick lives in the Austin, TX area with his wife of more than 40 years.  They have 3 granddaughters and are very active in their church community and a local food pantry.


As your private money and hard money broker our commitment to you is to find the best loan to suit your investment needs.


Our lenders provide a substantial range of residential lending options.

Residential loan packages range from Fix-n-Flip, Construction, Rentals, Refinancing and Cash Out.


This is a very diversified investors’ needs segment. We have lenders that cover a wide range of properties ranging from CBD, to Apartment complexes, Multi-Family and Single Family Portfolios, to Church properties, Construction Loans, Land Purchases, etc.


We also provide the service of connecting private money lenders to borrowers. Services offered include obtaining an application, personal identification documents from the borrower, property information, etc.


REI Capital Resources does not offer personal or investment loans. REI Capital Resources is not involved in negotiating loan terms nor do we make investment recommendations, and any information found herein should not be construed as such. Any loan information contained herein has been secured from sources that REI Capital Resources believes are reliable, but we make no representations as to the accuracy of such information and accept no liability therefore. All loans are subject to lender approval. Loan rates may vary and Investor’s Lending Source does not guarantee that you will be offered a loan nor do we guarantee loan rates or loan terms. We recommend that you consult an attorney, accountant or financial advisor that can help you assess the risks associated with any loan offered.