Letter from our CEO – July 2022:

All of us at REI Capital Resources are committed to staying current with the best offerings and creative solutions to fund your Real Estate investments.  Whether you have a need for a rental loan, a short-term bridge loan to take out a hard money loan on your recently completed flip or construction funding, we are ready to meet your needs.

However, we know that the market is very volatile and is causing ongoing interest rate instability.  This does affect our lending rates and we encourage you to have all your documents ready when applying for a loan.  That will allow us to lock in your best rate and ensure your success.

We’re here for our investor partners and are dedicated to helping you grow during the current market and beyond. Our goal is to provide complete transparency, so we wanted to provide more information about what to expect in the upcoming months:

We Will Continue to Be Your Trusted Partner

We remained consistent during the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to grow our loan programs and providing financing to ensure your real estate investment projects succeed. This will continue during the current market instability and we’re committed to providing reliable capital, competitive loan terms, and a fast customer experience through our stable of lenders. Our loan programs will continue to be an important staple of REI Capital Resources as we’re here to support you, our clients.

Rates and Terms May Fluctuate

With the current housing and financial market headwinds, we’re expecting rates to possibly fluctuate.  Yes, our lenders have tightened some of their requirements but we will continue to find the best terms, rates and processes for your loans.  As we continue to manage our loan programs, we’ll keep you informed of these evolving changes.

Our Capital is More Reliable Than Ever

REI Capital Resources is stronger than ever and will continue to fund your rental, bridge, construction and commercial loans. We are closing loans on a regular basis through our multiple lending sources.  

Contact us today or schedule an appointment on my calendar by clicking here.


Patrick St. Cin

W – 512-213-2271

Our lenders are ready to work with contractors and investors.  Now is a good time to buy a distressed property but be aware of the risks and understand what you’re getting into.  Distressed homes offer a unique buying opportunity for real estate investors, but the average home buyer should probably look elsewhere.

If you need funding, apply now. I am working online with the rest of you.  

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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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