Green Outlook

What is the outlook for jobs in careers protecting the planet?

According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, eco-friendly occupations, those that monitor and preserve the natural resources of our Earth show rapid growth over the next 6 to 7 years. Wages for these green jobs are well above the median annual wage for all occupation in 2018. The highest annual wage was $94,110 per year for the atmospheric and space scientists.

Environmental protection jobs and the average number of opening in each category per year include:

  • atmospheric and space scientists 900
  • environmental engineers 4,000
  • hydrologists 700
  • environmental scientists and specialists, including health 9,500
  • soil and plant scientists 2,200
  • conservation scientists 2,000
  • environmental engineering technicians 1,700
  • environmental science and protection technicians, including health 4,600
  • forest and conservation technicians 4,000
  • forest and conservation workers 2,100

However, the jobs listed here make up less than 1% of all jobs in the economy. Notice that environmental scientists and specialists have the most employment with 9,500 openings per year, while hydrologist have the least, with only 700 openings per year.


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Elka Torpey, “Earning green by working green: Wages and outlook in careers protecting the planet,” Career Outlook, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, April 2019.

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