Multi-Family Rentals Are Real

As the stock market dips and dives and quivers and stock market investors peer into the fog of the future trying to see where tariffs will take the economy, real estate stands firm, on a block, in a neighborhood, around the corner from this school or that office park, providing shelter to human beings.


An investment is not safe though if you do not do your research and match the facts of the property and area situation with your needs, expectations, and goals. You might end up holding on to a property you would like to fix and sell quickly or find yourself with a rental that is more outgo than income. When considering investing in multi-family properties, be sure to pay close attention to these things:

  • the parking situation,
  • the safety of the neighborhood,
  • the quality of property management,
  • and to the location.

Multi – Family Property Class A
Properties are above average in terms of design, construction and finish; command the highest rental rates; have a superior location, in terms of desirability and / or accessibility; generally are professionally managed by national or large regional management companies.

You will pay more up front and have less to fix, but have income potential right away.

Multi – Family Property Class B
Properties that do not possess design and finish reflective of current standards and preferences; construction is adequate; commands average rental rates; generally are well maintained by national or regional management companies; unit sizes are usually larger than current standards.

Be prepared to make some repairs, do some remodeling and updating as tenants move out to keep the apartments occupied.

Multi – Family Property Class C
Properties that provide functional housing; exhibit some level of deferred maintenance; commands below average rental rates; usually located in less desirable areas; generally managed by smaller, local property management companies; tenants provide a less stable income stream to property owners than Class A and B tenants.

You will have to do more hands-on work with this class of property to handle the repairs and tenant turnover; but if you like hands-on involvement, there will be plenty of opportunities to employ your carpentry, plumbing, electrical, social, and bookkeeping skills. You might find some great deals.

Let me know if you have found any deals this month that you know you can turn around and resell or rent. I hope that I can be of help to you this month.
I can be reached at
Austin, Texas


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