Thinking Like Your Buyer: Color

As an investor in fix-n-flip real estate, you already know that a fresh coat of paint is the cheapest and easiest way to refresh a home. I suppose it is possible, when you are an old hand, that the drama of picking a wall color wears off, and you go for cream or white every time without even hesitating over the luxurious deep greens or the vibrant bright blues on the paint chips.

I don’t think I have ever gotten over the struggle with color. There are so many to choose from. Each color brings its own feeling to a room. Yellow reminds us of the sun and mint greens lower blood pressure and light greens inspire and renew. I still remember the issue of Martha Stewart Living that featured wall colors that matched the colors of farm fresh eggs. I even bought chickens and took pictures of the eggs in a collander myself.


When you are selling a house, everyone advises you to paint with neutral colors because you don’t know who will buy the house and what their color choices are.

In 2019 there are a lot of beautiful neutral colors to choose from. A couple of my favorites are hazelnut and lilac grey. The hazelnut is a combination of cream and beige and the lilac grey is a warmer gray.  I found some of these colors in an old wall paper, but sometimes really old is…NEW!

There is also a newer color that I really like called “greige.”  Greige is a grey and beige mixed together, the color of stone.  Stone_steps


Your buyers may prefer houses that have open, multifunctional spaces. A beautiful neutral can go a long way in a home, through the living room, kitchen, home office, hallways, and bedrooms. In fact, many millennials and generation Xers work at home and have home offices. According the home office warrior, good colors for a home office include both deep gray and dove grey, and greige.  The deep gray represents security, reliability, intelligence, and organization, good concepts for home and office.  The dove grey brings to mind logic, modesty, and efficiency.

A neutral throughout a home will go with anything and allow the new owner to add a wall of color or a splash of color here and there to suit their own tastes without having to repaint the entire home.

If you have a real estate investment project in mind and know how much you need to fund the remodel, give me a call or send an e-mail and I’ll see if I can fund it for you.

Patrick St.Cin
W – 512-213-2271



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