A Family of Land Websites to Admire

I recently stumbled onto a family of fascinating websites for those of us who love land.   Whether you are interested in a vacation rental or garlic farming, solar farming or raising timber, hunting quail, or building a deer hunting preserve, this family of sites has much to offer those with land on their minds.

agriculture barn clouds cloudy

The first one I discovered was landflip.com because I was thinking about investing in vacant or rural land.  Land Flip lists the best vacant and rural land available.  So, if you  are looking for hunting land with a cabin, 100 acres in Sierra Blanca, or a poultry farm in Arkansas.  This is the site to visit.  And it is a beautiful site with property descriptions and lots of gorgeous land photos in its galleries.

The sibling in the family is lotflip.com.  Here is the site to go to if you are looking for commercial sites and land. Some of the same properties appeared here as on Landflip.com, like the poultry farm and the land in Sierra Blanca, but they were joined by industrial sites in New Jersey and housing sites in Northern Arizona.

The middle child in the family is farmflip.com, a site that features just what it promises, farms, but with much variety. Here you can find that horse farm in Wyoming, hobby farms, a working cattle ranch in Sabine County Texas, and timber tracts in Florida.

Auctionflip.com is the next site, and it features upcoming auctions, including galleries showcasing fenced land in Kansas, residential development land for auction in Indiana, a home on 15 acres in Platte County, Missouri, and a log home and bed & breakfast lodge with 52+ acres in Houston being auctions on April 27th at 10 am. The property includes a barn, a shop, horse stalls, feed room, chicken coop, dog kennels, and 2 ponds. This could be an interesting investment for the right person.

If your dream involves commerce, hard work, and land, and if you are looking for a piece of urban or rural land to perform on, the not-so-little brother in the family of websites is the one to visit, commercialflip.com.  I think this site had my favorite unique commercial opportunity, a trading post with 34 cabins in Gunnison County, Colorado, right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. As a kid, I always dreamed of my family owning a trading post of bar in the mountains.  This would have been the place.  The site also featured a gallery of other commercial opportunities, like a Lake Michigan vacation home, a river ranch with cabins in Missouri,  and a family restaurant and motel in Michigan.

Finally, the daddy and the mommy site of the family, as far as I am concerned, where you can learn all about land is landthink.com This is where the blogs, articles, facts, and opinions live.  Here you find information to use and admire about topics like

  • the unique gourmet crops that will make money for a farm,
  • when to get into debt for land and when not to,
  • how to get a timber appraisal,
  • how to organize a community garden, and
  • how to clear land.

I am not sure but this might be my last post. I am off to plant garlic and willow trees.

Not really. But, I do recommend studying these websites for information and possible deals for your next investment, maybe a vacation rental.

Give me a call or send an e-mail and share with me your plans and needs, and I’ll see what lending solution I can generate for you.

Patrick St.Cin
W – 512-213-2271





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