ILS is Now REI Capital Resources

“Focused on Funding Your Success”

Formerly Investor’s Lending Source. New name, new products, same management

Hard Money Lending

REI Capital Resources is a funding source for SFR Fix-n-Flip, Fix-to-Rent, and Refinance projects as well as larger commercial projects such as office buildings, 5-40 door multi-family buildings, and many others.  These programs vary wide and far throughout the gamut of lending. Call or e-mail for more information.

Long-Term Rental Financing

REI Capital Resources is instrumental in finding conventional non-conforming lenders for investors using their business entities and, also non-entity, personal holdings, as a method to purchase, refinance, and cash-out of rental properties.  These loans are geared toward single-family residence properties with up to 4 doors for a given property.  Portfolio loans are also available. Earn money continually from your rental property. You can get there from here with a fix-to-rent loan.

Short-Term Rental (Vacation or AirBnB) Lending

As the lending industry adapts to the market place, REI Capital Resources is adapting too and is now able to provide funding for the short-term vacation rental market.

You Can Get There From Here

REI Capital Resources built its reputation on finding private funding for investors for quick turn purchases and difficult situations.  This is still true today.

Give me a call or send an e-mail and share with me your plans and needs, and I’ll see what lending solution I can generate for you.

Patrick St.Cin

W – 512-213-2271

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