The Media Room Must Have

Even though you might not be building or remodeling a 9,000-square-foot mansion in your next fix-n-flip or vacation rental property update, you might want to consider installing a multi-functional media room in the main part of the house you are working on. The WSJ article, “The New Mansion Must: A Media Room,” by Cecilie Rohwedder, says this multimedia room is the latest trend in home design and might include any number of huge flat screen TVs occupying the same space as a fireplace, picture windows, games tables, couches, and computer work stations, all situated a short walk from the refrigerator in the kitchen. This multifunctional room is making itself at home in the “open-concept” floorplan and replacing the dark, sound-proof basement home theatre.

Recessed and No Glare

Making multi-tasking all the more real, in some homes, this multifunctional room might include a bank of multiple recessed flat-screen TVs with anti-glare screens and hidden audio systems so a movie, a social media feed, the news, and a PowerPoint slide you are working on for your job can all be showing at the same time. There might also be large picture windows with automated shades that can be lowered to block out light.

Electrical Outlet Planning

To make all this convenient and easy on the eye, this will take some electrical outlet planning with your electrician before you start the project, even right up front when you are putting together your budget and loan request. (As cheap as flat-screen TVs have become, you might want to consider throwing in a few flat-screen TVs to make the remodeled house more sellable. The RV industry has started to do that.)

The wall where the flat screen or flat screens will appear would need an outlet behind the flat-screen TV (or TVs) so the cords don’t show. For the automated shades, you might want to put outlets along beams in the ceiling or high up on the walls next to the windows. If there is a fireplace in the room, you could plan outlets for either side of the mantel.

Visualizing that work, study, and socializing might also be going on in this room, outlets in the floor where a desk or game table might go will prevent cords from being stretched everywhere, and outlets a little above desk height in the corners will be handy for charging devices or plugging in computers, and you won’t have to crawl around on the floor to reach the plug ins.



Now that you are on the road to becoming your own media installation contractor, you might be interested to know that according to Admit One CEO Lance Anderson (interviewed in the WSJ article) the job of the media installation contractor is to “not be an ‘eye sore’ blackening someone else’s design.” You need to make the electronics behind the entertainment invisible. Jason Barth of Premier Group in Carmel, Indiana says, the media system should be experienced, not seen.”

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Pat St. Cin


Austin, Texas


References: Rohwedder, C. “The New Mansion Must: A Media Room,” (2019) WSJ

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