The Perfect Fit

Quick Closings to Beat the Competition

As competition for houses to fix-n-flip tightens, the ability to get money quickly based on the value of the asset is an important tool in your box.

Private lenders, not banks, are willing to help you fund your project based on the value of the property you are looking at remodeling and the value of the project when it is complete. They have money to lend and you need money quickly. A perfect fit is out there.

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As a broker, it is my job to bring you together, to make the transaction easy for both the borrower and the lender. This means minimal paperwork, no credit check, no appraisal, and a quick closing. Together, we can get a quick closing because the loan is based on the property, a known entity of solid value, and because the loan is for a short duration.

There is a market out there for fixed up homes. As the price of new houses go up, there are fewer and fewer available at a price a young family can afford. Millennials have college debt to pay, but still want their children to go to good schools. So, they are looking for homes in the suburbs, older homes that have been remodeled.

So if you love to fix up older homes, have your eyes on homes that need some TLC but will be gems when they are cleaned up, updated, and remodeled, give me a call. The competition is stiff for these homes and you will need the money quickly to snap up that property.

I would love to give you a hand.

Follow this link for a quick pre-qualification form:

Or, please call or e-mail.

Pat St. Cin


Austin, Texas


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