A Cursive Business

I’m not exactly sure when they took cursive writing out of the elementary school curriculum, but it truly was a loss. So many grandparents were in for a shock when their grandkids could not read their birthday cards, and with the passage of time, even the parents of the children cannot read the cards to them.

Well thankfully, cursive hand writing is making a comeback according to a blog on Medium by Jon Marcus. It is being required once again in elementary schools in North Carolina and Arizona, and he tells us about the Sip & Script, a 3-year old company that organizes a 90-min class near Harvard University where an assortment of people 20 to 50 years old gather to sip flavored water and practice their penmanship.

When I read this blog, I thought “What a novel idea for a business.” The Sip and Script is an example of the type of small business that might move into a newly remodeled office building, one of those former utility buildings or warehouses that have been remodeled and turned into retail or office rental space.

I know a banker and his partner who recently purchased and remodeled a building that was once a doctor’s office. They turned the space into 7 small suites, a conference room and a kitchenette. They advertised for occupants with an ad looking for entrepreneurs with ideas for a business who needed some space in which to grow and offered seed loans for the startups.  His motive is multifaceted, to rebuild the downtown business section of the town he lives in and to put some of his money to work for his community. Like all good investors, the partners are also interested in putting their money to work to make more money.

Their building is now fully occupied by a not-for-profit, a small publisher, a community newspaper, a pair of accountants, and a therapeutic masseuse. As the businesses move in and get underway, they will pay rent and enliven an unused downtown building and eventually be attractive to investors interested in buying office space as rental property.

Like so many entrepreneurs, the owners of the Sip and Script cursive writing business saw a need and put their skills to use fulfilling that need. That is what it takes to thrive.

As for cursive writing — it takes practice.

Drop me a line if you are interested in investing in a commercial fix-n-flip project in business rental space. Perhaps you are the one that wants to loan the money or maybe you have a building in mind that you want to remodel and need cash for that purpose. Either way, I can be reached at



Austin, Texas

To read more about the cursive revival visit Marcus’ blog at https://medium.com/

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